Veins of Pain


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Product Description

A must read for both teenagers and parents that tells a tale of loneliness, unlocking potential and striving for greatness.

Sixteen-year-old Eden Henry’s life seems perfect. She has the body and face of a supermodel, lives in a luxurious home with her family and attends an elite girls’ school where every girl is destined for greatness if their family pays large sums of money for that privilege. Yet Eden feels like the loneliest teenager on the planet.

Life pre teens was awesome but everything fell apart after her sweet sixteen birthday. That’s when Eden’s besties became her enemies and cowards came out to play, using social media as their weapon. Then life threw Eden a lifeline in the form of Camp Creative, a place teenagers spend summer unlocking their potential to live with purpose by pursuing their creative passions and using that as a platform to live their greatness. It’s a place where Eden learns to be vulnerable and trust people again as well as experiencing first love.

But just when Eden has her life back on track, she must return home to the scene of the crime. Will she have the courage to face her peers and be brave enough to tell her parents of the future she truly wants?

“Oh I’m such a blubbering mess after VEINS OF PAIN. You really nailed the teen voice so well but oh so heartbreaking! Thank goodness for Maddy and Spencer and art and creativity and nature. I’m waffling now but SUCH a great book. Every teen should read it. How dare they do that to her locker! Horrible! But then her mum, and then her dad. Great ending. So good.”
Zoya, Mum of 2, Central Coast Australia

“One week & one day & in every spare minute I had. I thoroughly enjoyed VEINS OF PAIN Alison Nancye. Thank you, for sharing this wonderful story with the world. I’m giving it to my teenage daughter to read now.”
Melissah Sims, Mum of 1, Central Coast Australia

“Thank you for a fantastic read. VEINS OF PAIN is a fantastic book!!! I didn’t get to sleep until after 1:00am last night. Once I hit the locker scene I could not put the book down. I cried and laughed at Eden’s amazing journey. I loved it a lot.”
Liza Kerr Stearn, Mum of 2, Bondi Australia

“Lying in bed, finally with a chance to become immersed in my new read, VEINS OF PAIN. Already feeling like I’m going through too quickly, as I want to savour every word! Up to chapter 16. AMAZING! Being triggered left right & centre but can’t put it down (was a challenge to even tear myself away to write this testimonial now back to my book!).”
Marcella Sanders, Mum of 3