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Note to Self


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When Beth Matthews finally cracks on a Sydney street and a voice inside her exploding mind tells her to go to Peru, she does what any single 30+ something woman who hates her life would do – she listens. After all, life couldn’t get any worse. Part Eat Pray Love, part O Magazine, with a dash of Bridget Jones’ Diary, “Note to Self” is a novel about one woman who finds herself, just when she thought she was lost.

“NOTE TO SELF is a great read that really taps into our universal need for happiness, acceptance and ultimately, love. Alison Nancye has lovingly created a fun and relatable character, and set her on an adventure that you’ll want to follow to the very end.”
Sarah Girgis, Emmy Award Winning Producer & Writer, New York, U.S.A.

“Alison Nancye’s NOTE TO SELF is an absolute delight. She manages to create a character that I, and I’m sure so many women, can relate to. I find myself literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD as I turn the pages. Alison’s wit and ability to write so specifically those crazy inner monologues we so often have running through our brains, is refreshing and uncanny. I’m a huge fan of Alison’s previous books. Her life recipes and meditations have had so much positive influence on my own life (I keep “Handbag Meditations” IN my handbag, always!), so I’m thrilled to be able to continue to be inspired by her writing and also get to lose myself in an hilarious and touching chick book, too! As an actress, I’m already picturing “Note to Self” on the big screen. Believe me, I’ll be knocking down the door for an audition!!!”

Jodie Dry, Actress, Adelaide, Australia

“What a journey. I was ripping through the book, devouring each chapter but not wanting it to end just busting to see how it ended. I fell in love with all your characters. I want to travel to Peru. In fact I was there, right along side Beth,the entire time, feeling her every emotion, angst, passion (ooh Lala!) & self doubt, as well as absolute clarity. I could almost smell the essential oil & taste the local food, feel the spirituality & history of Peru. Each of your ‘notes to self’ so poignant, so stirring & effective. This book is filled with such richness, on so many levels. So vivid, so alive with real, flawed, sexy, wise characters & places. My heart is vibrating – this book has reopened that part of me that longs for adventure, engagement, passion & reconnection with that pure & beautiful light & sense of oneness. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart infinite love & gratitude. I am SO looking forward to the movie!”
Martine Springer, Sydney Australia